September 1, 2019


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Today I’m humbled, shocked, and proud to announce that I’ve been granted Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP ) award in the Cloud and Datacenter Management category. I join an awesome group of people that I’ve looked up to (AND STILL DO!) for years.


For those interested in the numbers, New Zealand has a pretty small pool of MVPs that I’m jumping into. Excluding myself, there’s currently 28 people across all award categories, and only three under the Cloud and Datacenter Management banner.

Two Special Thank-Yous

I owe a lot of people thanks, and I sincerely hope to get in touch with each of them (preferably in person!) over the next few years.

But I do want to single out two people specifically.

First, Damien Van Robaeys . Dude is a legend, a current MVP, and really active on the GUI/WPF side of PowerShell. He’s also the reason I started down the nomination path and tracking my community contributions.

He doesn’t know this, but I consider Damien to be something of a mentor.

An Even Bigger Thank-You

I do have to make a point of thanking my wife and kids. The blogging, videos, and other work that I do outside of my day job does eat into family time a little more than I’d like it to.

They understand and I love them for it.

More to Come

This award by no means indicates that I’m going to be slowing down. If anything this is just the beginning, you can expect to see me tweeting, blogging, streaming, and speaking all things PowerShell for the foreseeable future.

Finally, remember that if you’re looking for PowerShell help , you can find it on Twitter using #PSHelp

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