I Need You! #Hacktoberfest

This is my third Hacktoberfest, the event that made October one of my favorite months of the year!

I Need You! #Hacktoberfest

It's October again, meaning it's time for Hacktoberfest. It's the fifth time this event has been run, and it's the third time I've taken part.

The super quick primer on how the event works is:

What's more, Microsoft is also joining Hacktoberfest-ivities. If you contribute to their repositries during October, you could also earn a t-shirt designed by Ashley McNamara.

Can You Cook Toast?

Here's where we get to the title of this post: I need your help!

BurntToast needs some love, and I'd more than welcome some pull requests from you.

I've got a project board for v0.7.0 where I've listed a bunch of the things that I need to get sorted. Feel free to work on something on that list, polish the help, or have a go at adding a new feature!

If this will be your first contibution to an open source project and you want a helping hand, please do get in touch!

Wait, PowerShell Counts?!

Too right it does! Any public project on GitHub is fair game for Hacktoberfest contributions. Just make sure you're following the projects rules, contribution guidlines etc.

Don't go spamming commits where you just clean up whitespace, and you'll be fine!

So get out there and get hacking (and let me know when you get your t-shirt(s))!

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