May 15, 2018

Get the (Tech)Snip!

Posted on May 15, 2018  •  3 minutes  • 565 words

I’ve been pretty slack on blog posts over the past two weeks or so. As it is, I’m writing this one on my lunch hour and hoping to get it done before it’s over.

Why the crunch? In a roundabout way you can blame Adam Bertram .

Adam has been working on a new e-learning service and I’ve been putting a fair amount of time into recording content for it, along with many other contributors.

Meet TechSnips

The service is called TechSnips , and it features short “laser focused” videos on many different tech topics. The idea is that there are no slides and no fluff like you’d normally get with video training.

The idea is, you’re wondering about a specific problem, such as how to create a virtual machine with Hyper-V, and can find a five minutes (at the high end) video on how to accomplish it. You don’t have to sift through a four-hour long video course to find that nugget of information.

This is what resonated with me when I first heard the pitch from Adam on Twitter. I personally learn best from videos, but the length of some courses are daunting. I didn’t realize it until I heard about TechSnips, but it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for without knowing I was looking for it.


TechSnips is a service I really want to use personally, and it’s also an awesome opportunity to help give back to the community. I’ve been recording all sorts of “snips” for the site and I hope that they help countless people over the coming years.

I’m not doing this by halves either. I’ve already got five published videos, 29 videos in the editing queue and I’ve put my name against another eight videos that’ll be recorded in the next day or so.

What sort of topics? Here’s a peek:

Obviously, it’s not just me. There’s 16 other people working on content (not including Adam… he’s a little busy actually working on the service and herding cats) and two awesome editors working hard to turn the videos we submit into the polished product you see on the site.

If you’re interested in contributing too, make sure you sign up and audition !

Enough Talk, Show Us the Goods!

Funny… that sounds like the feedback I get on some of my submissions!

The site doesn’t officially launch until the June 5, but you can head to today and get free access until the launch!

If you’ve got feedback or feature requests, make sure you speak up and let Adam know (or leave a comment here and I’ll pass it on.)

And if there are any topics you want to see covered, request it ! This goes straight into the Trello board where contributors coordinate and we try to pick up requested content as quickly as possible.

Next Steps

I’m going to keep recording videos for TechSnips, and I should be back to a regular cadence for blog posts too.

On top of that:

Also, remember that if you’re looking for PowerShell help , you can find it on Twitter using #PSHelp !

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