October 1, 2017

October: The Hackiest Month of the Year

Posted on October 1, 2017  •  2 minutes  • 321 words

There’s a few things happening this month that officially make it the “hackiest” month of the year. I know… there’s next to no creativity in that title considering it’s 100% ripped from one of the month’s events.

This is a very short post promoting three things coming up in October. I’m excited for them and you should be too!

Summit Session Acceptance

The Call for Topics for next year’s PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit closed today. In theory, successful speakers should know whether their sessions have been accepted by next Wednesday.

Keep an eye on the summit hashtag over the next few weeks, I’m willing to bet there will be plenty of excited people.


I’ve mentioned it a few times. And I’ll probably mention it a few more times.

#PSBlogWeek is a weeklong blogging event that’s starting on the 16th of October. Over five days, six bloggers will be releasing PowerShell related posts. Mine will be out on the 17th.

Please do check out the other bloggers taking part!


And finally, all of October is Hacktoberfest .

It’s a month-long event hosted by DigitalOcean and GitHub promoting contribution to opensource projects. This includes PowerShell projects, so if there are any projects you make use of and you’ve been considering giving back, now is as good a time as any.

Make sure you sign up on the site, and make four pull requests during the months to get an awesome t-shirt. The 2016 shirt is my go-to for casual days at the office, to the point where I doubt my co-workers believe I have any other shirts.

The good folks maintaining the PowerShell repo have marked several issues for Hacktoberfest if you need some guidance on where to start over there. Keep in mind that issues don’t have to be specifically marked, all pull requests count.

Also, please do consider any of my projects fair game for Hacktoberfest pull reques

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