Update on Windows Update... Up Time

Three weeks on, did Windows 10 decide to reboot?

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Update on Windows Update... Up Time

Three weeks ago, I started up an experiment to find out if an old SuperUser answer of mine was still valid.

The TL;DR of the previous post was:

  • VMs built running Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows 10, version 1607.
  • PowerShell script is running to collect a screenshot of the VMs every hour.
  • These screenshots also show system uptime.

So, it rebooted right?

Nope. Three weeks (nearly) later, and we still haven't had a reboot.


Now a caveat: I haven't set any other Windows Update related settings. This includes, but is not limited to, setting active house, restart or advanced options. I don't know how these settings would affect, or potentially override, the 'fix' and the complexity in introducing them as variables to this test means... well I'm not doing it.

Also, NEVER click the install button within the Windows Update interface until you're ready to install AND reboot your box. Once you've clicked that install button, all hope is lost and a reboot will happen whenever Windows decides to.


That's it?

Nope, again!

I'll keep the VMs running for as long as I can. The screenshots are now being saved to OneDrive, so anyone can follow along if they are interested.

Check out the folder: Win10-Screenshots

For the time being all screenshots are going into there. When I get a chance I'll write a script to clean them up.